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Plugged In
Jesus commanded us to make disciples of all nations. Discipleship is the shaping of an individual’s destiny. Each church in the New Testament copied Jesus’ method of calling those whom God had chosen and training them through example and release. The book of Acts demonstrates the powerful impact that is possible for those who take Jesus’ command and pattern seriously. Our vision is the restoration of the Biblical pattern of church growth. In the past few years over two thousand churches have been started by this method.
In each of the Fellowship churches, there is a fulfilling of Christ’s command to make disciples. We believe that the church needs to be released. We believe in the functioning of the Holy Spirit and we challenge members of the church to find the full expression and release of their lives in whatever manner God wills. The Potter's House Church of Cicero pays great attention to making disciples, church planting and world evangelism. It begins in our own church, in our own community and spreads outward to every state and every nation. The Potter's House members are involved in a variety of ministries ranging from cleaning the church facility and grounds to preparing and executing the many ministries, both seen and unseen, functioning on a weekly basis. It is in “the doing” that we find “our calling.” I challenge you to find your calling in the local church!

The Potter's House is a church of vibrant worship services, Pentecostal in nature, featuring music, praise and plenty of passionate, radical, Bible-based preaching, ministry and prayer for personal needs. We pride ourselves on making each person who walks through our doors feel like they’ve been a part of our family for years.


Whoever you are and wherever you’re from, we guarantee that you’ll feel welcomed, loved and leave wanting to come back! There are ministries and activities for each age group and you’ll find many weekly opportunities for worship, spiritual growth, fellowship and friendship for you and your family.


The Potter's House is a safe place for your soul. Come as you are, leave better!


  •  Sundays 11 AM & 6:30 PM & Wednesday at 7:30 PM.

Sunday School


  • Sundays at 10 AM. Sunday school classes are available for all ages.


Ministry Mission: To help children worship God in an age-appropriate, fun and exciting way; to build their worship foundation and most importantly, to cultivate a relationship with Jesus Christ. 


Each Sunday, there is a specific focus of study. Scripture is taught through object lessons, crafts, fun songs and interesting and exciting stories. This is where you want your children to be. We offer a safe, quality children’s ministry for the kids. We go beyond fun as we teach strong biblical principals and communicate values that when acted upon will develop strong character in your children.


We invite you and your children to come and enjoy the Bible and its lifelong principles brought to life through our Children’s Ministry.

  • Morning Prayer is held in the building Sanctuary, Monday-Friday, Doors open at 4:00 AM                                  

  • There is also prayer one hour before every service.


Daily prayer is a normal and absolutely necessary part of all of our churches. This is the way of the battle for the Christian. Robbed of prayer, the church is robbed of power, direction, and divine presence. We know that the kingdom is built by God’s power, not man’s.


That is why we place emphasis on touching and releasing God. That's why at The Potter's House Christian Fellowship Church, you'll find us in our building every morning praying for God to release His favor on our ministry, as well as one hour before every service. 

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